Crib Gifting Program


Be assured that 100% of your donation through the GoFundMe page will be going toward a family in need. All the FRIENDS of Cribs Without Borders and our support staff donate their precious TIME and TALENT.


Thanks to the generous support of all our FRIENDS and CORPORATE PARTNERS we are to able assemble GIFT packages at low costs.  For every $99 in accumulated donations we can provide a brand new crib, crib mattress, a waterproof pads, two bed sheets and two blankets to a family very much in need, see THE STEPS. Thanks to our CORPORATE PARTNER this allows us to lower costs by more than 70% off the retail price. Please donate any amount that you can, together we will help provide a newborn a safe and warm place to sleep.

Here are some of the details we would like share with you on how all our FRIENDS of Cribs Without Borders are already making a difference:


We are working with Juvenile Crib Manufacturers to secure wholesale pricing on all purchased products and sometimes even discounted wholesale pricing. We always welcome any juvenile products a manufacturer would like to donate.

Local freight companies have donated transportation costs to move all the product donations from the manufacturers warehouses to our local warehouse, this also includes across the United States and from United States to Mexico when applicable.


FRIENDS of Cribs Without Borders donate space in their local border warehouses while the export/import documentation process is ta place.

Our custom broker is also a Sponsor of Cribs Without Borders and donates his staffs time and talent to our MISSION.

Disclaimer: CWB is an independent organization that is not affiliated with any other organizations, including "Without Borders" organizations. Cribs Without Borders is not in any way affiliated with Doctors Without Borders.

Number of Gifted Cribs:

Nonprofit Status Establishing Fund

We need your help to establish our nonprofit corporation in order to provide tax-deductible receipts. Unfortunately, a lot of corporations can not  give to our Mission if we can not  provide these tax-deductible receipts. We started a GoFundMe page just for this important reason. We hope to reach our goal soon so we can help more families, this can only made possible with the help of caring people like you.