Hi, my name is Isabella Chavez and I am sixteen years old. Late in 2016, I had an idea on how to help less fortunate people by providing cribs to newborn families. This past summer before starting high school, I put my plan into action. With the support and love of my family I hope to begin leaving my footprint on this world. My parents have always taught me that it's never to early or too late to make a difference, so now is my time to make mine.

The name of what I hope of my soon to be nonprofit organization is more than just a name or coincidence. The reason I chose the name is because I live on the border of the United States and Mexico and this is where i want to start making a difference. Poverty doesn't have borders, unfortunately it exists in every corner of our world. That's why my MISSION begins here, I hope someday soon I can spread my MISSION to other corners of the world.


Providing a safe sleeping environment to less fortunate newborns across all borders.

Our slogan "Changing Lives One Footprint at a Time" and that's what we plan to with your help. Why a FOOTPRINT? By providing families with a safe environment for their newborn to sleep in, it's more than just a piece of furniture, it's making a difference in the life of a newborn and leaves a FOOTPRINT in their lives. The recipe is easy. With your generous donations, I will continue to work with manufacturers to acquire cribs and other basic essentials at wholesale costs, this way your monetary donation will go a longer way and help more families in need.

We've already started gifting cribs and I would like to share one experience with you. In some cases, the crib is the most expensive piece of furniture in the recipient families home. The joy in the families' faces that we have helped are indescribable. Please join me in leaving our FOOTPRINT together in other people's lives.

  To create partnerships across all borders and continue to leave footprints along the way.


isabella chavez at age 5

Me at age 5

"Some day I hope this map is filled with markers representing partners throughout the world"

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